Who, me?

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Me, myself and Ollie

Mission statement…

A bloke on a mission to disrupt once monotonous daily thought patterns with everyday technology. This disruption is to stimulate the malleable and delicate brain by thinking differently (and perhaps all the same) while bringing technology up-to-speed with millions of years of evolution. This is to say, ultimately reaching the end of life and truly saying, yes I gave life a decent crack by aging gracefully with the motto, “young till I die” and “doing my ancestry proud”.

In all seriousness, I enjoy life with a beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters. All of whom go above and beyond in their support and understanding of my often tedious quest in lifestyle optimisation.

Where did this enthusiasm arise from?

Not so long ago, I was successfully awarded a ‘dream’ job that included managing, farming, technology, not to mention all the job perks that went along with it. Little did I know that I was quite literally walking into a bear trap. A trap where factional wars across departments were at play, and unbeknownst to me, I was labelled before even accepting the position. This untenable position, unfortunately, led to me being hospitalised with an unknown infection that destroyed me both physically and mentally.

To flip this pancake on its head – for those who can tell the difference between up and down. Fortunately for me, I have an extremely supportive family. However, we’re not over the health issues I experience daily, and I don’t believe I ever will be. This isn’t to think pessimistically, just realistically, which in itself is a feeling of liberation.

The most liberating part is the team of medical staff I have beside me. The learnings that I have taken away to grow into someone more mature, someone with stronger foundations of stability and as someone in a position that can start giving some wisdom back.

This is the pinnacle that I see in life, giving back to the community of lifestyle optimisation enthusiasts and hopefully being the catalyst that helps someone else grow through a tough time.

Long story short, I truly believe my family is sick of hearing me talk about lifestyle optimisation, so this website should help me vent some of the exciting findings I have stumbled across and hopefully learn more from you and your experiences.